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1) 2004: First Post-War International Conference on Biafra

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General Ojukwu and Chief Ralph Uwazuruike Declare Biafra House Open

Chief Ralph Uwazuruike and General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu

Opening of "Biafra House," September 29, 2001

@ Washington, D.C.

BF Faction Fabricates MASSOB Letter

Fellow Biafrans:

It has come to the attention of Biafra Net that a group of persons purporting to speak for MASSOB has fabricated a letter, which the forgers claim was written by MASSOB's leader. The forgery is being circulated online and it appears to have been written by Mr. Oguchi Nkwocha who is a member of the Matthew Uzukwu faction of BF (the defunct "Biafra Foundation").

The website located at was established nearly two years ago before the onset of the MASSOB leadership crisis. Although BiafraNet has been fully responsible for funding and operating the site, the site was established with the full cooperation and participation of MASSOB members, including Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, Barrister Uche Okwukwu (MASSOB's attorney), and the spokesperson for MASSOB in the US, who coordinated the establishment of the site. Chief Ralph Uwazuruike himself provided much of the content and many of the pictures that appear on the site. Following the MASSOB leadership crisis, the flow of new content to the site has slowed. It is that crisis that Mr. Oguchi Nkwocha is exploiting in his fabricated letter.

Whetther it is by phone, e-mail, or other form of writing, the channel of communication between MASSOB and BiafraNet has always been open and the relationship between MASSOB and BiafraNet has been cordial. That is why we find it shocking that these impostors led by Mr. Nkwocha are claiming that the leader of MASSOB has asked them to convey a message about the website that Biafra Net operates for MASSOB..

Since this is not the first time that a statement fabricated by Mr. Oguchi Nkwocha's faction of BF has been falsely attributed to Chief Uwazuruike or MASSOB, BiafraNet has requested that the leaders of MASSOB contact BiafraNet directly through telephone and in a letter duly signed by the officers of MASSOB.

To date, no such phone call or letter has come from the officers of MASSOB. Therefore, we caution all Biafrans to be vigilant to avoid being manipulated by the mean-spirited fraudsters in the Matthew Uzukwu faction of BF.

Webmaster (BiafraNet)


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